Palm Beach Gardens Vice Mayor: 57 Projects Underway & Property Values Up


Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Maria Marino gave the "State of the City" address to area business leaders last week and Vice Mayor Carl Woods checks in with an update.

"The state of the city is healthy.  Maria was elected into mayor again for the next year.  She's done a great job and she gave an excellent State of the City (address.)"

How good are things?

"Our property values are up.  We have annexed most everything out Northlake Boulevard.  So we are now encompassing everything out Northlake excluding Ibis, which will remain in West Palm."

This also does not include the new municipality Westlake, which is further west, off Seminole Pratt Whitney Road.

There are 57 improvement projects in the city, including a new tennis center, renovation of City Hall and a new public works building that will be able to withstand category 5 hurricane winds. 

Woods says that property taxes are not being used to pay for the projects.

"Most of the projects that we're doing are coming out of the penny sales tax."

Palm Beach Gardens, and all the other Palm Beach County municipalities share in half of the one percent sales tax increase approved by voters in 2016.  The school district gets the other half. 

One of the things discussed in the State of the City address and during our conversation with Woods was the proposed Dick's Sporting Goods store that hopes to move into the Gardens Mall. 

We told you last week that management with the chain agreed to not sell guns if they open there.  Carl says he was relieved with Dick's decison.

"I said right up on the dais in council meetings that to have a Dick's Sporting Goods right there at the end of the mall and underneath it within a few feet was a Build-a-Bear for children.  So I never felt that mixing weapons in with that particular...the way the mall is so family oriented, it just wasn't a good environment."

No word on when a decision will be made with regard to whether the Dick's Sporting Goods will actually open a location inside the Gardens Mall.  If it happens, Woods says it would be located in a second floor space that is now occupied by Sears.

Image: Palm Beach Gardens City Seal


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