Lantana's Mayor Of 18 Years Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Lantana Mayor David Stewart

A longtime local mayor faces allegations of sexual harassment.  

Our CBS 12 partners have uncovered a state ethics investigation underway surrounding Lantana Mayor David Stewart.  

The complaint came from a Lantana resident who says the alleged incidents happened a few years ago, but she has been afraid to do anything about it until now.  Catherine Padilla says it started in 2015, when she was gathering signatures for a petition to have a speed bump put in.  She says she was friends with the mayor, and he asked her to lunch to discuss it, but after the meal, Padilla claims he drove the two to a motel and asked her to go into a room, saying that in exchange for sex, he would guarantee the speed bump would be installed.  After she turned him down, Padilla says there were some phone calls and he brought up the offer again.  

Stewart is not facing a criminal investigation and there are no other accusations against him from anyone else.

Photo: Town of Lantana


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