Brian Mudd

Updated - Toll road to the Keys?

Brian Mudd

On-Air Weekday Mornings 5am-9am

WJNO Financial Analyst & Host for The Palm Beaches’ Morning Rush

I work every day to keep you ahead of the curve on the crazy state of the economy, business, investments and technology.

My motto: Passion plus talent is unstoppable.

My faith: I don’t use the mic to preach but… I firmly believe that without God in our lives happiness will never be found. I believe that many of our societal failures have resulted from a general willingness to distance ourselves from our founding values while embracing political correctness.

I'm in my 19th year with iHeartMedia and 11th in South Florida. With my father as inspiration, I started investing in the stock market when I was 11 and co-founded a smoothie company at 18. I've served as a fill-in for Sean Hannity, a contributor to Fox News and Newsmax

I've made my share of mistakes along the way as well. I shape my perspective from success and failure to provide you with a truly objective picture of business and money in your world. Business and investing are passions of mine. Some read Dean Koontz... I read financial reports.


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